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PERC 2020 Abstract Detail Page

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Abstract Title: Visual Attention and Affordance Lenses for: Understanding Student Diagram Use and Designing Improved Instruction of Fluid Dynamics in a Physics for Li
Abstract: Diagrams are ubiquitous in STEM. These diagrams vary from problem solving tools (like force diagrams) to ways to visualize information and concepts (like a cell diagram or ATP cycle) or understand an equation or data set (like graphs). I will describe the two theories - affordance and visual attention – and I will present several cases from the literature and my own research showing how these theories are lenses for understanding student difficulties with diagrams. In addition, I will present data from a set of experiments my group has done that examines prior student knowledge and its effect on diagram use and visual attention within images of fluid flow through pipes. This data illustrates that, while current STEM diagrams have a lot of room for improvement as instructional tools, designing improvements for these diagrams will be complex.
Abstract Type: Symposium Poster
Parallel Session: Students' Understanding of Fluids

Author/Organizer Information

Primary Contact: Rebecca Rosenblatt
Tiliadal STEM Education: Solutions for Higher Education