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PERC 2020 Abstract Detail Page

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Abstract Title: Students’ Conceptual Understanding and Problem-Solving of the Work-Energy and Impulse-Momentum Theorems
Abstract: The study investigated the effect of using a flipped classroom approach on students' understanding of work-energy and impulse-momentum concepts. The student worksheets provided evidence that the students were able to learn the conceptual part of the lesson from the instructional video. Using Greeno's model of scientific problem-solving and reasoning, the students' solutions were analyzed using maps of the problem-solving approaches they utilized. The students had difficulty comprehending problems and identifying which concepts are related to them. There is a need to improve the identification of which equations are appropriate for certain words problems. Furthermore, they were not careful in their computations and with the use of standard units. In terms of Greeno's model, this implies that the students were not able to successfully translate concepts between domains. There were no traces of use of other domains apart from the abstract and symbolic domains, when an improved understanding must include translations between all four domains – namely, the concrete domain, which involves physical objects or events; the model domain, which refers to representations of objects or events; the abstract domain, which involves concepts or principles; and the symbolic domain, which is the mathematical representation of concepts.
Abstract Type: Contributed Poster Presentation
Session Time: Poster Session II
Poster Number: 2.K3

Author/Organizer Information

Primary Contact: Voltaire Mistades
De La Salle University
Manila, Non U.S. 0922
Phone: 639175873850
and Co-Presenter(s)
Sandee Alonzo, Assumption College Makati