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Abstract Title: Is my bias your bias?: The variability of demographic gaps in the ‘good degree rate’ for UK physics degree programmes
Abstract Type: Contributed Poster Presentation
Abstract: It is a pressing concern that physics students from different backgrounds can have dramatically different academic outcomes. In the United Kingdom, the Institute of Physics reports national differences in the 'good degree rate' for physics graduates (the rate of achieving a grade of first-class or upper-second) across gender and domicile. However, little is known about gaps in the good degree rate on individual physics degree programmes and, by Simpson's paradox, there is no reason to expect programme-level gaps to be the same, or in the same direction as, those found nationally. We present preliminary results from an ongoing study of demographic gaps using a large UK dataset. We identify "The Physics Degree" programmes; present the distribution of gaps across those programmes for age, ethnicity, disability status, and gender; and compare these to the national figures. We discuss the analysis' limitations and implications for the generalisability of equality research in PER.
Session Time: Poster Session 2
Poster Number: II-70

Author/Organizer Information

Primary Contact: Astra Sword
The Open University
Non U.S.
and Co-Presenter(s)
Annika Lohstroh (she/her), The Open University
Sally Jordan (she/her), The Open University