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About the Physics Education Research Conference Proceedings

Paper Types

Peer-Reviewed Papers

Peer-reviewed papers are those associated with contributed presentations in a poster session given at the annual PERC.

All papers are peer reviewed with the understanding that submissions may describe preliminary results and works-in-progress.

Plenary Papers

Plenary papers are those associated with invited presentations given in a plenary session.

Each PERC Plenary speaker is expected to submit a paper documenting his/her presentation.

Plenary papers submitted to the PERC Proceedings are copy-edited by the Assistant Editor. If significant changes are required, the paper will be returned to the authors to make the necessary modifications prior to publication.

While plenary papers are not normally peer reviewed, the author may choose to participate in the peer review process if the paper is submitted by the associated deadline. All plenary papers will appear in the Plenary section, regardless of their peer reviewed status.