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The PER Conference Proceedings

The Physics Education Research Conference Proceedings (PERC Proceedings) is the written record of the scholarly work presented at the annual Physics Education Research Conference.

The proceedings are sponsored by the Physics Education Research Topical Group (PERTG) and the American Association of Physics Teachers (AAPT). The proceedings cover the full range of experimental and theoretical research on the teaching and/or learning of physics. The editors welcome submission of significant or final results as well as preliminary research results and discussions of works in progress. Contributed manuscripts undergo peer-review and the criteria for acceptance include high scholarly standards.

2023 PERC Proceedings

The theme of the 2023 PER Conference is "Working together to Strengthen the PER Community of Practice."

Abstract submission for the 2023 PER Conference opened on April 1. Manuscripts were due on May 22, 2023.

Peer Review Requests were emailed on May 27. Conflict of interest and requests to share are due on May 31. Reviews are due on June 16.

If you did not receive a request and want to verify you are not needed as a reviewer this year, please contact the editors here.

The paper format is the same as the 2020 paper format.

PERC Proceedings’ Readership: Physics education researchers (faculty, post-doctoral students, and graduate/undergraduate students); researchers in fields close to Physics Education, such as cognitive science, chemistry education, biology education; physics faculty at undergraduate and graduate levels; high school physics teachers.

PERC Proceedings by year

PERC 2022: Grand Rapids, MI
PERC 2021: Virtual Conference
PERC 2020: Virtual Conference
PERC 2019: Provo, UT
PERC 2018: Washington, DC
PERC 2017: Cincinnati, OH
PERC 2016: Sacramento, CA
PERC 2015: College Park, MD
PERC 2014: Minneapolis, MN
PERC 2013: Portland, OR
PERC 2012: Philadelphia, PA
PERC 2011: Omaha, NE
PERC 2010: Portland, OR
PERC 2009: Ann Arbor, MI
PERC 2008: Edmonton, CA
PERC 2007: Greensboro, NC
PERC 2006: Syracuse, NY
PERC 2005: Salt Lake City, UT
PERC 2004: Sacramento, CA
PERC 2003: Madison, WI
PERC 2002: Boise, ID
PERC 2001: Rochester, NY


Dyan Jones is serving as the 2022-2023 PERC Editor.

Qing Ryan is serving as the 2022-2024 PERC Editor.

Andrew Pawl is serving as the 2023-2025 PERC Editor.