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Questions to Ponder as you evaluate these criterion

You are NOT expected to answer the following questions as part of your review, and an individual paper does not need to satisfy all of these questions. The questions are simply provided to give you points to ponder as you read the paper and decide on your rating for the paper you have been asked to review. The questions may help when you provide feedback to the editors and authors regarding the reasoning behind your numerical ranking for each item.


Interest/Value to the PER Community and Content Novelty

Research Design

Strength of Research

The research problem


Type of study/research design
Data collection

This is where the author(s) should explain in words what he/she/they discovered in the research. It should be clearly laid out and in a logical sequence. Interpretation of results should not be included in this section. You will need to consider if the appropriate analysis has been conducted. Are the statistics correct? If you are not comfortable with statistics, please advise the editor when you submit your report but continue with your review.



Organization of Ideas

Grammar and Formatting


The following should also be considered and issues included in the feedback provided to both the Editor and authors, but NOT used as grounds for rejection.



The abstract is not a "teaser" that presents just enough information to arouse curiosity. All important conclusions should be included.


Normally, the introduction should summarize relevant research to provide context, and explain what other authors' findings, if any, are being challenged or extended. It should describe the experiment, any hypotheses and the general experimental design or method.