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Recent Awards

Spring 2019 Awards

Strand: Organizer

Project: Support for International Speaker at the 2020 AAPT Summer Meeting
Dimitri R. Dounas-Frazer, Assistant Professor of Physics & Astronomy, Western Washington University

The purpose of this award is to support Mylène DiPenta (Nova Scotia Community College, Kentville, NS,Canada) in presenting their approach to teaching electronics in a two-year technician program, as part of a session on "Rethinking Boundaries of the Laboratory Classroom". This invited-only session will include four speakers focusing on the boundaries of the lab classroom.

Strand: Innovation and Community Resources

Project: Digital Visibility for PERCoGS, the PER Consortium of Graduate Students
Danny Doucette, Lisa Goodhew, Constance Doty

This project will improve the visibility of the PER Consortium of Graduate Students (PERCoGS), and increase their ability to serve the community. PERCoGS supports newcomers (students and others) by providing information, resources, and newsletters on a website and through a social media presence. This project will register the domain percogs.com and pay for the graphic design of a new logo to represent the group.

Project: The PER Review Network
Jayson Nissen and Rachel Scherr

This project focuses on teaching the next generation of the PER community how to conduct respectful and constructive peer reviews. Groups of 3-4 students and postdocs will be organized into pods with a volunteer faculty mentor, will practice writing reviews, and receive feedback and mentoring.

Strand: Scholar-In-Residence

Jessica Hoehn, Postdoctoral Associate, University of Colorado Boulder, to visit Dr. Shane Bergin and Dr. Claudia Fracchiolla at University College Dublin and Dr. Jessamyn Fairfield at National University of Ireland Galway

Strand: Travel

Mike Vignal: Funding to attend 2019 American Geophysical Union's Annual Fall Meeting

Callie Rethman: Funding to attend 2020 Winter AAPT Meeting

Anne Wang: Funding to attend 2020 Winter AAPT Meeting

Rachel Henderson: Funding to attend 2020 Winter AAPT Meeting

Matthew Dew: Funding to attend 2020 Winter AAPT Meeting

Rabindra Bajracharya: Funding to attend 2020 Winter AAPT meeting

Strand: Physical Review Physics Education Research Article Processing Charge

Michael Wittmann: "Foregrounding epistemology and everyday intuitions in a quantum physics course for non-science majors"