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Proposed amendments to the bylaws

PERLOC has reviewed and proposed a number of amendments to its bylaws. These changes aim to make the bylaws more transparent and to reflect the current goals of PERLOC.

Summary of proposed amendments:

  • An additional objective to reflect the PERTG's dedication to inclusive professional spaces for the PER community.
  • Clarified and expanded the election procedures.
  • Clarified the schedule of PERTG and PERLOC meetings.
  • Clarified and expanded the PERTG voting procedures (including how to amend the bylaws), with considerations for fair voting.
  • Ensured integration of the new Graduate student councillor throughout the bylaws.
  • Improved minor grammar, punctuation, and acronym definitions throughout.

A detailed list of these changes is accessible here or via the the attached file below. The original bylaws can be found here and the proposed amended bylaws can be found here or via the attached file below.

You can provide us with feedback on these proposed bylaws by visiting this form.

The process for amending the bylaws (in accordance with the original bylaws) will be the following:
  • From now until August 15, 2017 PERTG members will have the opportunity to provide feedback on the proposed bylaws.
  • On July 26th, 2017 the proposed bylaws will be discussed during the PERTG Town Hall meeting at the summer AAPT meeting.
  • After August 15th 2017, PERLOC will revise the proposed bylaws based on PERTG member feedback.
  • In early September 2017, PERLOC will release the final draft of the proposed bylaws and begin an online voting procedure for PERTG members to vote on whether to adopt the proposed bylaws. The propsed bylaws will be adopted with approval from a majority of the members who voted, as long as at least 25% of the PERTG membership in total cast votes. Therefore, the voting period will remain open with incessant email reminders to PERTG members until 25% of the PERTG membership have voted.

Additional Links

June2017-ProposedBylawsRevision (154kb .pdf)
This document contains the proposed revisions to the PERLOC/PERTG bylaws.
June2017-ProposedBylawsRevision_Summary (72kb .pdf)
This document contains a summary of the proposed revisions to the PERLOC/PERTG bylaws.