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Archive: Fall 2018 Awards

Fall 2018 Awards

Strand: Organizer

Project: Support for International Plenary Speakers at FFPER 2019
Paula Heron, Professor; Rachel Scherr, Assistant Professor; Michael Wittmann, Professor--Founders and Organizers of FFPER

The purpose of this award is to support Dr. Mervi Asikainen (University of Eastern Finland), Dr. Jenaro Guisasola (University of the Basque Country) and Dr. Paul van Kampen (Dublin City
University) in accepting the invitation to be plenary speakers at the 2019 Foundations and Frontiers of Physics Education Research (FFPER) Conference. All three are distinguished speakers who will travel from Europe for the conference; their participation will directly benefit the US PER community.

Project:  Exploring Socio-political Issues in the Doing and Teaching of Physics
Iyer Deepak, Assistant Professor; Ayush Gupta, Research Associate Professor; Chandra Turpen, Research Assistant Professor

At the 2019 AAPT Summer Meeting, an invited session is organized whose goal is to connect physics educators, physicists, and physics education researchers with the scholarly communities that study the larger contexts in which science is done -- power structures, socio-political issues, militarism, capitalism, for example -- and bring their insights into physics education in particular. Dr. Yanna Lambrinidou (Virginia Tech), Dr. Amy Slaton (Drexel), Dr. David A Banks (SUNY-Albany), and Dr. Sanjoy Mahajan (Olin College; discussant) are the invited scholars.

Project: PER in Latin America and at Hispanic-Serving Institutions in the US
Ximena Cid, Assistant Professor and Brian Zamarripa Roman, Graduate Research Assistant, on behalf of the National Society of Hispanic Physicists

This proposal is intended to secure travel funding for two invited speakers (Dr. Genaro Zavala (Monterrey Institute of Technology) and Dr. Katemari Rosa (Universidade Federal da Bahia)) to attend the Winter 2019 AAPT conference in Houston, TX.

Strand: Innovation and Community Resources

Project: Teachers Exploring Equity and Justice through The Underrepresentation Curriculum
Abigail Daane, Assistant Professor; Moses Rifkin, Johan Tabora, Chris Gosling, Andrew Morrison, Danny Doucette, Adam Quall, and Vashti Sawtelle

This project will further develop access to and resources for promoting discussions of racial and ethnic diversity in physics classroom. Key components include (a) running workshops to promote the Underrepresentation Curriculum (URC) and develop ongoing support for educators, by (b) conducting research on the efficacy and implementation of URC, (c) improving the accessibility of the website and the URC materials, and (d) intentional and targeted publicizing of the URC resources. The project goals focus on building and increasing access to an effective resource and community for educators to engage in conversations of equity and underrepresentation.

Strand: Scholar-In-Residence

Kelsey Funhauser, Graduate Research Assistant at Michigan State University, to visit Dr. Natasha Holmes and Dr. Emily Smith, Cornell University, NY

Dr. Brant Hinrichs, Associate Professor, Drury University to visit Dr. David Brookes, Associate Professor, CSU Chico, CA

Strand: Travel

Rabindra Bajracharya

Funding to attend 2019 Winter AAPT meeting

Chiara Carmolli

Funding to attend 2019 Winter AAPT meeting

Moa Eriksson

Funding to attend 2019 Winter AAPT meeting

Chris Gosling

Funding to attend 2019 Winter AAPT meeting

Angela Little

Funding to attend 2018 SACNAS meeting

Callie Rethman

Funding to attend 2019 Winter AAPT meeting

Ruth Saunders

Funding to attend 2019 Winter AAPT meeting

Fu-Anne Wang

Funding to attend 2019 Winter AAPT meeting