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Strategic Plan


To promote physics education research within and beyond the AAPT.


The Physics Education Research Topical Group strives to:
  1. Be the leading voice for physics education research and an authoritative source of information for the advancement of physics teaching and learning.
  2. Have an active, engaged, and diverse membership and support the activities of its members.


  1. Physics education research includes diverse approaches to understanding the teaching and learning of physics.
  2. All physics instructors and all students can benefit from the results of physics education research and access to instructional materials and strategies that research has shown to be effective.
  3. Contributions from other fields help us understand and improve the teaching and learning of physics.


The objective of the PERTG shall be to assist the advancement, dissemination, and application of knowledge of physics education research.  This group serves to promote physics education research within and beyond the AAPT by:
  1. Promoting research in physics education
  2. Supporting activities that foster communication and exchange among professionals with an interest in PER, including but not limited to overseeing the organization and running of an annual Physics Education Research Conference and associated Proceedings
  3. Promoting the development of publication venues for PER
  4. Publicizing PER events and news to the PERTG, AAPT, and wider communities
  5. Promoting access to quality resources for learning about and conducting PER


Please refer to the Bylaws by clicking on "Governance" on the tab bar at the upper right.