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  • Resources/links

Here are a number of links and resorces relevant to thinking about PER involvement with NGSS.  Please pass onto Scott Bonham additional resources you belive valuable.

Additional Links

Next Generation Science Standards
Web site for the NGSS development effort.  Information about states, process, and public drafts will be available here.
Common Core Standards
Common Core standards for Mathematics and Literacy.  Can get the standards themselves here, along with adopting states, etc.
A Framework for K-12 Science Education
Final report of the NRC panel that provides the framework/vision for NGSS.  You can buy a hard copy, or for free read on line or download a free PDF of it.
College Ready Physics Standards
Document by Pat Heller and Gay Stewart providing standards and learning progressions in physics.
ACT National Curriculum Survey
Report by ACT from survey of middle school, high school, and college level instructors.  Among other things, reveals a large gap between perceptions of high school teachers and college instructors as to what it means for students to be college ready in science and other subjects.
Next Generation Science Standards and the Physics Education Research Community (95kb .pdf)
Paper writen by Scott Bonham for the PERC NGSS roundtable discussion