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University of Pittsburgh (PER)

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  • Singh, Chandralekha

Contact Information

Physics Education Research
University of Pittsburgh
Department of Physics and Astronomy
3941 O'Hara St.
Pittsburg, PA  15260
Phone: 412.624.9000
Fax: 412.624.9163

The PER group has two major goals:

  1. To identify the difficulties that students experience in learning physics concepts at both the introductory and the advanced level;
  2. To design, implement, and assess the outcome of changes in curricular offerings/pedagogical methods that are designed to reduce these difficulties.
In recent years, our group has been involved in research in the following areas:
  • investigation of student difficulties in learning quantum mechanics and development of interactive tutorials
  • research on problem solving and development of interactive web-based tutorials for improving problem solving and meta-cognitive skills of introductory physics students
  • role of hands-on activities and peer collaboration in learning physics
  • improving student understanding of Gauss's law
  • development of assessment tools

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