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Ohio State University


  • Ding, Lin
  • Ding, Lin
  • Jossem, E. Leonard
  • Ploughe, William
  • Reay, Neville

Contact Information

Physics Education Research
Department of Physics
The Ohio State University
191 W Woodruff Ave
Columbus, OH  43210-1117

We have a large group with a lot of ongoing projects. Following is a summary. Projects which have dedicated web pages are linked to.

  • Use of clickers in large-format lectures
  • Implementation / testing of Rutgers ISLE labs (see the ISLE page at Rutgers)
  • Development of "virtual reality" physics simulations for teaching
  • Barriers to student learning quantum mechanics: mathematical and conceptual
  • Student understanding of radiation and radioactivity
  • Student and instructor perceptions of lab
  • Development of In-class Conflict and Anxiety Recognition Evaluation (iCARE)
  • Student representations for basic wave types


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