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City College of New York


  • Cormier, S├ębastien

City College of New York has an active effort in Physics Education. This effort includes:

  • Physics Education Research: Systematic studies on how students learn science in general and physics in particular.
  • Innovative Instruction: Student-centered instructional strategies with documented effectiveness.
  • Teacher Education: Programs for in-service and pre-service science teachers ranging from elementary shool to high school.
  • Community Outreach: Educational and fun interactive physics shows for pre-college classes at all levels, both at CCNY and at area schools.
Opportunities ranging from a few hours to full time are available to interested undergraduate and graduate students, post-docs in physics, and pre-college science teachers.


Additional Links

Richard Steinberg's Physics Education Activities
His current research interests include understanding the impact of technological teaching tools in education classes and in physics classes, evaluating the effectiveness of new teaching strategies at CCNY, and investigating the difficulties that students have learning quantum mechanics.