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  • Bowe, Brian
  • Howard, Robert
  • Irving, Paul
  • Walsh, Laura

Contact Information

Physics Education Research Group
School of Physics
Dublin Institute of Technology
Kevin Street
Dublin 8

The Physics Education Research Group (PERG) strive to develop, implement and evaluate pedagogical innovations in physics education and to undertake research that informs all pedagogical developments in order to enhance student learning.

In the Physics Education Research Group the main areas of research are the development of new and appropriate teaching and assessment strategies, studies of student learning and misconceptions, evaluation of the effectiveness of different learning resources and teaching methodologies and the development of learning resources to enhance student learning.

Research Areas

  • Evaluation of pedagogical initiatives
  • Student conceptual understanding and problem-solving skills
  • Relationship between conceptual understanding and problem-solving skills
  • Lecturers' conceptions of learning and teaching
  • Group dynamics
Current Education Research Projects
  • A Phenomenographic Study of the Development of Conceptual Knowledge and its Relationship with Problem Solving Ability in Physics  - Laura Walsh (Phd Student)
  • A relational phenomenographic study of group learning and its effects on the development of conceptual understanding and problem-solving skills in physics education - Paul Irving (MPhil Student)
  • The Implementation and Evaluation of Peer Instruction in a First Year Science course using a Classroom Response System - PERG