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California State University, San Marcos

Contact Information

Charles De Leon
Graham Oberem
Edward Price

At CSUSM, our research is focussed on how students learn physics.

Our primary interests are in the use of technology to teach physics and in using computers for the investigation of student understanding and learning of physics.

The Physics program is also engaged in research on how in-service teachers learn concepts in physics through the IOP project and the long-term effects of IOP on what teachers do in their classrooms.
Summary of results.

We recently engaged in a short-term joint project with Chemistry in which we are studied student understanding of heat and temperature.
[Reference: Jasien, P.G. and Oberem, G.E. Understanding of Elementary Concepts in Heat and Temperature Among College Students and K-12 Teachers,. J. Chem. Ed. 79, 889-895 (July 2002)] Reprints available on request.

We are currently engaged in a project to study how students in a modern physics course learn introductory quantum mechanics concepts.


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