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University of California, Berkeley (SESAME)

Contact Information

Kate Capps, SESAME Program Assistant


SESAME/CD office
Graduate School of Education
4533 Tolman Hall, MC 1670
(510) 642-4207

The Graduate Group in Science and Mathematics Education is an interdisciplinary academic unit dedicated to advancing the understanding and practice of learning and teaching in science, engineering, and mathematics. It acts in most respects like a regular department, carrying out research, teaching courses, and offering a graduate program leading to a Ph.D. degree in science or mathematics education. The faculty of the group consists of professors from several of the Berkeley science and engineering departments and the School of Education, and instructors associated with other units on campus such as the Lawrence Hall of Science. The group operates under the auspices of the Graduate Division.

SESAME is closely related to the EMST (Education in Math Science and Technology) program and shares many courses with EMST. A major difference in the programs is that SESAME students are expected to obtain at least master's-level competency in their mathematical or scientific disciplines. It produces scholars who can communicate well with scientists or engineers as well as with educational researchers and practitioners. The program includes studies that connect human development, cognitive science, and educational technology with the learning of science, mathematics, and engineering.