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Anderson Center for Innovation in Undergraduate Education

Contact Information

110 8th St.
Troy, NY 12180
Phone: (518) 276-6000

Since its inception in 1990, the Anderson Center has served as an incubator for curriculum reform and innovation in higher education. The Center's mission is to develop, research, and support new teaching methods and technologies with the aim of improving education, both on and off campus.

The center is dedicated to extending Rensselaer's leadership position as one of the premier learning environments in higher education, supporting faculty involvement in:

    * educational computing,
    * developing new techniques and facilities for interactive learning, and
    * conducting research on cognition, learning, and the assessment of learning outcomes.

Current projects include research on:

    * student learning styles,
    * interaction and peer-based learning in student teams,
    * constructivist approaches to teaching complex systems, and
    * the use of asynchronous learning networks for on-campus instruction.

The Anderson Center facilitates faculty involvement in the renewal of undergraduate education through a series of hands-on workshops on interactive learning and an annual colloquium on teaching and learning. The center's staff is available for consulting on all aspects of studio teaching and educational technology.

The center hosts hundreds of visitors each year from all over the world who come to Rensselaer to learn about teaching practices.

In addition to the director, associate director, and administrative assistant, the Anderson Center employs Web developers, assessment specialists, video production personnel, and a cadre of undergraduate and graduate research assistants.

Center staff have expertise in experimental design, statistical analysis, course redesign, protocol analysis, assessment of learning styles, instructional design, and Web-based multimedia development.