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Contact Information

Dept .of Physics Education
- Tel : 02-880-7748
- Fax : 02-873-7881
- Homepage : http://physed.snu.ac.kr

The Division of Science Education conducts quantitative and qualitative research in the study and learning constituting its four education departments: biology, chemistry, earth sciences, and physics.
Entering students may obtain the BA, MA, MA/PhD, and PhD.  Teaching certificates are given upon completion of the required courses.  A majority of our graduates teach science at secondary schools and make a great contribution to educational development in actual teaching situations. Others apply their expertise in a variety of other areas including universities, research institutes, government affairs, and civil services.  The division consists of approximately 494 personnel: 20 professors, 129 postgraduates, and 365 undergraduates.

The Department of Physics Education emphasizes practical teaching techniques balanced with researched based practices in areas of national importance, and in areas of education where a physics viewpoint is particularly effective.  The department consists of approximately 140 personnel: 5 professors, 35 postgraduates, and 100 undergraduates.


Additional Links

Education of Physics in Context (EPIC) group
The Education of Physics in Context (EPIC) is an interdisciplinary group formed in 2001 to address the issue of context in the learning and teaching of physics in Korea.  EPIC is an informal blend of science educators, in-service teachers, and science specialists participating in a wide range of research activity at all levels from elementary school to university.  EPIC graduates typically teach at middle schools, at regular, science, and gifted high schools, assume research posts at home and abroad, seek tenure-track professorships, and work at government institutes.  (Website in English.)