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Australia - Monash University

Science, Maths and Technology Education - Research in the Faculty of Education

The work done in this research area reflects the importance of science, mathematics and technology on the national educational agenda.

The goals are to:

    * Encourage and support research and curriculum development related to the learning of science, mathematics and technology.
    * Contribute to the pre-service education of teachers and the professional development of educators in Australia and overseas; to provide opportunities for teachers to keep up-to-date with their subject fields; and to provide opportunities for other educators to engage in professional development mid-career.
    * Foster a collegial climate in which university staff, students, teachers and visitors from other academic institutions can participate in research projects, seminars and informal discussions.
    * Promote the public image of science, mathematics and technology education as a valuable field of professional endeavour.
    * Stimulate public debate about national issues related to science, mathematics and technology education.
    * Generate developments in areas of emerging national importance, such as technology education, and to provide a national focus for the many diverse efforts already occurring.