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Kennesaw State University


  • Rosengrant, David

Contact Information

David Rosengrant

Kennesaw State University
Department of Biology and Physics
Kennesaw, GA 30144

Phone: 678-797-2482

My research over the past several years has focused on student problem solving, specifically with multiple representations.  This includes how students use representations to understand concepts, how they construct representations to help solve problem situations and finally how they apply these representations to evaluate their work.  This research has taken the form of quantitative studies of students work on exams in addition to qualitative case studies.  Most of my research has focused on two types of representations:  the free-body diagram and the representation I created called the impulse-momentum diagram.  

The next step of my research involves using eye trackers.  The eye tracker allows us to pin point where and when students focus while attending to a particular task.  This has led to some work in expert novice problem solving studies as well as student attention in large class settings.