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Grove City College


  • Wagner, DJ

Contact Information

DJ Wagner

Grove City College
100 Campus Drive
Grove City, PA 16127

Phone: 724-458-3789

The physics curriculum at Grove City College is designed to provide a rigorous preparation in the principles of physics within a Christian context, thoroughly equipping students for their future careers or graduate studies.  Three separate concentrations are available within the physics major: Applied Physics (typically chosen by those wishing to pursue a graduate degree in physics), Applied Physics/Computer (chosen by students interested in computer software and/or hardware design), and Physics/General Science/Secondary Education (chosen by students wishing to teach physics at the secondary school level.)  We are currently pursuing the addition of a Biotech concentration and we are exploring the possibility of an Astrophysics concentration as well.   Students can pursue two of these concentrations simultaneously for a dual major.  Furthermore, by supplementing their major courses with work from other departments, students are qualified to pursue graduate degrees in other fields, including mathematics, computer science, chemistry, engineering, medicine, law, or business.