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To embed an image in a Mediawiki-formatted page, use: [[Image:Example.jpg]] or [[Image:Example.jpg|descriptive text]].

To embed an image in an HTML-formatted page, use images/ as the base to the filename. For instance, <img src="images/Example.jpg" alt="descriptive text" />.

To embed an image in a WYSIWYG-formatted page, click the Add/Edit an Image icon and select the appropriate image's filename from the Image list.

To link to an image's summary page, you may use the Image Filename as the url. To link directly to an image, use Media:Example.jpg for the url.

Image Filename Thumbnail Linking Code
PERFamilyTrees.jpg For MediaWiki:
To embed, use: [[Image:PERFamilyTrees.jpg]]
To link to the image information page, use: [[File:PERFamilyTrees.jpg]]
To link to the image, use: [[Media:PERFamilyTrees.jpg]]